Do They Use Lasers To Remove Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a technique used to enhance the natural look of the eye by applying color to lash lines and adding volume to the upper and lower lash line. This gives eyes a more vampy look. However, the use of lasers to remove permanent makeup is not something new. Professional make-up artists have been using lasers to remove permanent make-up for a long time. This article will discuss the benefits of using lasers to remove permanent makeup.

Using Lasers To Remove Permanent Makeup

Using lasers for the process of permanent makeup tattoo removal is a highly popular procedure because you can use it on most types of skin and hair colors, the process is over in a matter of minutes and the person does not have to go through any pain.

Which Laser Is Best For Removing Permanent Makeup?

There are many different types of lasers used for permanent makeup removal. There is a type of laser that breaks down the color in the pigment. It can also work on darker skin tones and long-lasting color pigments without breaking down. There is also a type of laser that creates a high-level energy beam that breaks down the ink molecules and is quite effective against black or dark-colored pigments.

Lastly, there is a type of laser that works well with white pigment and light-colored tattoos. It emits short pulses (10 nanoseconds) and has a good safety profile because it doesn’t break DNA molecules. It’s best to consult with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to figure out which type of laser would be right for you before going ahead with any permanent makeup removal treatments.

Aftercare For Skin After Laser Removal

The aftercare for skin after laser removal can take weeks or months to fully heal. You may experience extreme dryness and itching from the laser treatment because your skin is super sensitive at this point. To help alleviate these symptoms, use topical steroid creams and moisturizers liberally on your skin to keep it hydrated and healthy.

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